What a day…

So, I have a big yard. I’ve been alone for the hurricane and after and normally I’m not. I was gathering up all the branches from the back and dragging them out to the street for the pick ups. I basically bathed in bug spray because mosquitoes were so terrible outside. It was awful and I wasn’t drinking enough (I realize after I collapse against a tree and the mailman asks if I’m okay).

I accidentally took two days of meds on one day so the second day I didn’t take anything. Long story short, my meds were all kinds of messed up. I’m being eaten alive by mosquitoes, I’m getting all kinds of scratches cleaning up the yard, near fainting, and the whole time I’m mumbling to myself that I’m not grumbling or complaining (Philippians 2:14)…

I was just a train wreck. Then I hear my neighbor through the fence (who I haven’t met yet) asking someone, “Hey, do you hear her?” And I just really wished I had a pool so I could jump into it and stay under as long as possible.

It was embarrassing and pathetic. Now, after some time, I think it was ridiculous and a little funny. Medicine is important!

And now you know. I hope it made someone smile!

Nate wasn’t so bad…

At my house, there was a lot of rain and a lot of wind. That was it. But we never lost power, only cable and internet (Uverse) for a few minutes and then everything was fine. I woke up with power and didn’t have anything to worry about. I had trouble falling asleep worried that if the power went out then so would the alarm system. So I slept with a loaded gun on my bedside table. I’m glad I didn’t need to use it (though it did help me sleep)! I’d already moved anything that could blow away inside the garage or shed. Anything that didn’t fit (furniture) was all tied together in the middle of the yard.

I woke up yesterday morning and found everything was fine! There was no major damage to anything at my house or any of my friends’ houses or my brothers. There were a lot of new branches down to pick up which I started bright and early yesterday while it was still breezy out. But it wasn’t too long before it was back to hot and the air was so muggy it was like breathing through a wet blanket so I gave up. I got the front yard done and that’s enough for now.

While I was out working though, my neighbor was walking her dog and she asked if we had power. I told her that we did and she informed me that she didn’t. She only lives three houses down. Last night I looked to see who had lights on and who didn’t. Most of our little court was dark and that was when I noticed that noise I’d been hearing all day was a generator going.

Our street is in a weird location. It’s right at the cross sections of power grids and school zone districts and all kinds of stuff (but only those two have ever really had an effect). Normally when there’s a storm and the power is out it’s our house that loses the power and the other two or three houses with us. It’s always been frustrating. Especially after Katrina. No one had power for a week. Then the houses at the end of the street (not my end) had power and two or three days later we did.

But Nate wasn’t Katrina by far. Everyone has power this morning. So I’m thankful that the hurricane wasn’t too bad for us and we didn’t have any issues. I know my grandmother owns a condo over in Gulf Shores. If you weren’t aware Jim Cantore was only a few miles down in Orange Beach. And if Jim Cantore’s there, that’s exactly where you don’t want to be.

We’re lucky. The elevator is out but she’s high up on the fourth floor and isn’t there currently so she won’t have to be going up and down all those flights. Most of the building is rental. A few of my friends lost power in the early hours of the morning, but by last night they had it back.

So all in all, Nate wasn’t that bad for my area. I hope it wasn’t bad for anyone else’s (I haven’t been keeping up with it outside of anywhere where my “people” live.

I hope everyone else was safe through the storm. If you’re in a flooded area I really hope it gets settled soon and the things you really love aren’t ruined! Everyone affected is still in my prayers.

Prepping for my date with Nate

Well, in case you haven’t heard the news there’s a hurricane coming.  Nate should be making landfall sometime this evening. Things are crazy, even though it’s not that big of a hurricane. I mean, it’s insane.

In the aftermath of Katrina, it seemed like the news showed people coming together to help each other and share what they had with those that didn’t. Tragedy seems to bring people together.

Before a storm like this though, it’s every man for himself. People fighting over a parking spot in a grocery store when there are plenty of spots open in the back. They just don’t want to walk. People in screaming matches at the gas station over who gets to the pump first.

It makes me think of that warning story of shouting “Fire!” in a theater and everyone panics and people get trampled (also like Black Friday). We fight to get things that we want first before others, but in the end when things have been destroyed and there’s nothing left but debris and flooded cars people share and you can see the best in humanity (sometimes you also see the worst, but I think there’s more good). On my street after the storm has passed, we’re outside picking up the limbs, clearing the street. When we’ve finished our own house or gotten it to a one-man job, we move on to the neighbors and help them.

It’s kind of sad what it takes to make people see through their prejudices, selfishness, racism, and general ‘I’m better than you’ attitude.

The rain’s just started at my house and we were told to expect power outages, so I’ll end here. I want to keep my computer charged because I already downloaded some movies to watch when the power’s out if I want.

To anyone out there in Nate’s path, my prayers are with you. To those already affected by the hurricanes, my prayers have been with you. Be safe! AND DON’T DRIVE THROUGH STANDING WATER!!!!

Treat yourself!

I’ve been absent for a while because I’ve been visiting my sister, cleaning the house, and cleaning out the house. There are a lot of things in my life that I’m ready to let go of so that I can move on with my life. I can’t stay living in the past. Also, taking care of two wild, rambunctious dogs who like to eat things they shouldn’t all day can be exhausting. But I didn’t really mind. It was too much fun seeing them happy with each other.

There’s a hurricane on its way. I’m betting it’ll be more like a storm rather than Irma and Harvey. While at the grocery store today though my phone and everyone’s around me went off with the emergency alert that there was a hurricane coming. And the store was packed. I’ve never seen it so full. Nearly every aisle was blocked. Then I got stuck in the check out line with an elderly man who was asking me if my husband sent me here to buy the groceries (not married), “well you’ve got a pretty enough smile. you should get a man to take care of.” I did my best to smile and thank him for the “compliment,” even though I really wanted to tell him to stop talking.

It was unbelievably awkward. My anxiety was already through the roof because of the amount of people and being outside my house. Then worse because he’s hard of hearing so he’s practically shouting this all at me and everyone around us can hear! If I hadn’t been in such desperate need of food, I would’ve turned around in the parking lot and left at the amount of cars. But my fridge was empty and everything in the pantry was things that needed to be made with other ingredients that I didn’t have. Now I do. And then some, because I was hungry and moving quickly, not really thinking, and grabbing myself some rewards for managing my anxiety.

Always do that! It makes things so much nicer, to plan a reward for yourself when you do something you really don’t want to do. I try to do that a lot. Just little things. A milkshake, a new book, sometimes just a drive down to the shore with the windows down and some feel good music playing. It’s little things that make the days go by easier, faster. Even naps. So I think I’m going to reward myself today with a nice nap!